Cityinfo provides a simple way to get information on businesses that are closer to your location.

1. Cityinfo

Select the type of business you are interested in, the city where it is located, and then click the Search button.

You can give your comment and rating for each of the businesses advertised on the site, in terms of their service, quality and price.

Also, if you have a business, Cityinfo offers you the opportunity to advertise your business in any of the cities you are in. Cityinfo is easily understandable for every user.

2. Create an account

Creating an account at Cityinfo is simple, put your data into the relevant fields, create a password, and then click the Register button.

Once you have created an account at Cityinfo and you are logged in, you can view your publications, account details, and update your account.

You can also choose your favorite businesses and add them to your list, to access them more easily at a second.


3. Advertise Your Business

Once you have created an account in Cityinfo and you are logged in, you can publish your business, view previous releases, update your  publications, and delete them.


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